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My name is Ashleigh Johnston and I am a Graphic Designer based out of Whitby, Ontario. In my spare time I like to make really awesome practical art from unique cuts of live edge wood. Charcuterie Boards and their veggie friendly counterparts are one of my favourite things to make, among chopping blocks, serving boards, benches, games and rings.

I purchase my unique cuts of wood responsibly and will likely be able to give you a story about where the piece comes from and how it got into my hands. After each piece is created I then create a custom, one of a kind design which I hand burn onto each piece. I put a great deal of effort into making sure the design you get is very personal to you, so I may ask you a lot of questions about who it is for, and what kind of folks they are. Because each piece is unique, there is a great opportunity to get exactly what you want, which you can’t get anywhere else.

I also make my own blend of food safe Rosemary & Lemongrass Oil to care for the pieces that will be used with food.

I love all things in this world creative and if you feel inspired to try something new that I haven’t done before, don’t hesitate to fly it by me.

I do love a challenge!